I am so fortunate to have been a part of this wonderful production...

10 Most Memorable L.A. Theater Moments of 2012

 Back at Boston Court, in a co-production with Furious Theatre CompanyNikolai Gogol's farce The Government Inspector — a comedy that almost never works because its satire is so locally Russian and its humor is so redundant — got an updated, raucous and rat-smart spin by Oded Gross. It's the story of a con man who's mistaken by the local town leaders as the dreaded "government inspector" — opening a faucet of mistaken identities and corruption. Adam Haas Hunter in the title role served up another of the great performances of the year, bounding across the stage like a living cartoon and not missing a physical or verbal beat. Tina Haatainen-Jones' costumes were beautifully lurid, and Stefan Novinski directed.